Wayne County Pennsylvania Lawyers

James Burrows, 48, of Uniondale, Wayne County PA Arrested

Wayne County District Attorney A.G. Howell announced the arrest of James Burrows, 48, of Uniondale, Wayne County PA. Burrows is charged with Unlawful Contact With Minor – Sexual Offenses, Criminal Use Of Communication Facility, and Corruption Of Minors, all felonies. In April 2021, Burrows was caught communicating with a detective from the Massachusetts Internet Crimes Against Children Taskforce using social media accounts that depict a young female child. In June 2021, PSP Honesdale was contacted about Mr. Burrows. The criminal complaint is enclosed with this press release for further details.

A central court date is set for December 15, 2021.

*The filing of criminal charges is not evidence of guilt but simply a description of the charge made by the Commonwealth against a defendant. A charged Defendant is presumed innocent until a jury returns a unanimous finding that the Commonwealth has proven the defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt or until the defendant enters a guilty plea to the charges.*