WCBA Active Members

Leatrice Anderson, Esq.
(Surrogacy/Gestational Carrier, Adoption, Guardian Ad Litem, Real Estate Settlement/Title Agent, Real Estate Litigation, Estate/Wills)

Nicholas A. Barna, Esq.
(Real Estate, Estate Planning, Estate Administration, Elder Law)

Timothy P. Barna, Esq., CELA*
(Real Estate, Estate Planning, Estate Administration, Trusts,
Nursing Home Asset Preservation, Elder Law)
*Certified as an Elder Law Attorney By The National Elder Law Foundation, As Authorized By The Pennsylvania
Supreme Court.

Stephen G. Bresset, Esq.

Ronald M. Bugaj, Esq.
(Administrative Law, Civil Litigation, Corporate and Business Law, Criminal Defense, Dependency, DUI, Estates, Estate Planning, Family Law, Custody, Divorce, Protection From Abuse, Support, Guardianship, Juvenile Law, Property Owners Association, Real Estate, Social Security/Disability, Tax Law, Workers Compensation, Zoning, Municipal Law)

Steven E. Burlein, Esq
(Real Estate, Wills and Trust, Estate Administration/Probate, Guardianship, Criminal Law, Juvenile Law)

Oressa P. Campbell, Esq.
(Appeals, Adoption, Child Custody, Criminal, Dependency, Divorce, Landlord/Tenant, Juvenile, DUI, Mediation, Guardianship, Estate Planning)


Tammy Lee Clause, Esq.
(Divorce, Custody, Wills, Estates Real Estate, Civil Litigation, Corporate Law, Breach of Contract, Community Association Matters)

Frances Clemente, Esq

Jeff Clemente, Esq.

Charles Curtin, Esq.

Donna DeVita, Esq.

Jessica Ellis, Esq.

Brendan R. Ellis, Esq.
(Criminal Defense, Family Law, and Juvenile Law)

Michael J. Farley, Esq,
(Real Estate, Estate Planning, Estate Administration, Elder Law, Dependency

Christopher Farrell, Esq.
(Divorce & Custody, Criminal Defense, DUI Defense, Adoption, Termination of Parental Rights, Personal Injury, Social Security Disability, Real Estate Transactions, Contractor Lawsuits, Civil Litigation, Wills & Estates, Protection from Abuse litigation)

Ronnie J. Fischer, Esq.
(Adoption, Appeals/Appellate Law, Civil Litigation, Community Association Law, Criminal Defense, Driver’s License Issues, DUI, Family Law, Custody, Divorce, Protection from Abuse, Support, Personal Injury, Property Owners Associations)

Tim Fisher, Esq.

David M. Gregory, Esq.

Nicholas Gregory, Esq.

Frances Gruber, Esq.
(Taxes. Wills and Estates)

Nicole Hendrix, Esq.

Richard B. Henry, Esq.
(Real Estate, Property Owners Associations, Wills/Estates, Business Organizations, Municipal Law, Civil Litigation, Criminal Law, Family Law, Title Insurance, Children & Youth Matters, PennDOT Appeals, Department of State/Licensing Appeals, Appellate Practice before Commonwealth and Superior Courts)

A.G. Howell, Esq.

Alfred J. Howell, Esq.

Lothar Holbert, Esq.

Steve Jennings, Esq.

Zachary Jennings, Esq.

Kathryn Ann Karam, Esq.

Lee C. Krause, Esq.
(Criminal Law, Real Estate, Family Law (Divorce, Custody, Support) Estate Planning, Civil Litigation, Corporations)

John Martin, Esq.

John Martin, II, Esq.

Kimberly Martin, Esq.

Matthew Meagher, Esq.
(Real Estate, Estates, Business, Municipal)

Stacy M. Miller, Esq.

John Notarianni, Esq.

Alida O’Hara, Esq.
(Family Law)

Tobey Oxholm, Esq.
(ADR, Mediation)

Kerin Podunajec, Esq.

Christine Rechner, Esq.
(Divorce, Custody, PFA, Adoptions, Real Estate Sale/Purchase, Property Disputes, Civil Litigation, Landlord/Tenant, Corporate Formation, Estate Planning)

Hugh Rechner, Esq.

Pat Robinson, Esq.

Shelley Robinson, Esq.

Chloe Romanowski, Esq.

Albert G. Rutherford, II, Esq.
(Estate Planning, Estate Administration, Residential Real Estate)

Sally N. Rutherford, Esq.
(Estate Planning, Estate Administration, Residential Real Estate)

Joseph Rydzewski, Esq.
(Civil Litigation, Personal Injury, General Litigation, Real Estate Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Insurance Claims)

Joseph F. Saporito, Esq.

Warren E. Schloesser, Esq.
(Business Formation, Real Estate, Wills and Estates, Quiet Title Actions)

John Spall, Esq.
(Real Estate Settlement, Real Estate Title Agent, Wills/Estates, Corporations)

Kimberly Thomas, Esq.

Jeffrey S. Treat, Esq.

Michael Walker, Esq.
(Real Estate Settlement, Title Insurance, Wills & Estates)

Pamela S. Wilson, Esq.
(Guardianships, Estate Planning, Real Estate Transactions, Gestational Carrier, Adoption, Animal Law, Civil Law, Criminal Defense)

Ethan C. Wood, Esq.
(Estate Planning, Estate Administration, Residential Real Estate)

Mark R Zimmer, Esq.
(Civil Trials, Personal Injury, Divorce, Real Estate and Estate Planning, Family Law and General Practice)

Ashley Zimmerman, Esq.
(Criminal Law, Family Law and Personal Injury)