Wayne County District Attorney A.G. Howell announced that on Monday, July 12, 2021, the first jury seated in Wayne County since the beginning of the pandemic, and presided over by President Judge Janine Edwards, convicted Daniel Candelario, 53, of Browndale PA, for the assault upon his 80-year-old neighbor. The jury convicted Mr. Candelario of the lead charge of Simple Assault. Judge Edwards set the sentencing date for August 19, 2021.

On October 17, 2020, the 80-year-old victim was helping the defendant’s wife change a headlight on her car. Mr. Candelario came out of his residence yelling, screaming and shoving his wife. Mr. Candelario pushed his wife out of the way, confronted the victim and punched the victim in the face. Mr. Candelario’s attack on the victim caused a golf ball size red lump on the side of his head. Two (2) other independent individuals also witnessed the assault.

District Attorney Howell praised the court and his office for their preparation and organization in conducting jury selection and the trial in a safe and efficient manner. The District Attorney’s office continues the pursuit of justice either by pleas from defendants or by jury trial when defendants refuse to accept responsibility for their actions.

District Attorney Howell also expressed his gratitude to Assistant District Attorney Rich Henry and the Pennsylvania State Police for their thorough, thoughtful and convincing presentation of the assault upon the victim.